This is a lifeline of everyone in CCL by helping and developing skills of everyone in our organization and making them ready to grow, we continue building the talent ethos. It not only keeps us ahead of competition but also helps us stay on track of our growth agenda.

We provide numerous learning and focused development platforms when it comes to our people growth. A carefully crafted learning and development strategy is put in place to embellish the behavioral and technical skills at various levels of organization pyramid.Ranging from ‘People Manager First Time’ created for newly promoted supervisors and ‘Up Your Game’ to change behaviors and press the paddle of performance and ‘Transformational Leadership’ to adapt the required change we proudly develop the next generation of leaders for our organization.

Also, we provide resources that encourage self-development, guided by a leadership team that cares about leading and developing talent.


Our diverse workforce brings different cultures and perspectives together; inclusion is making the mix work. As a company we believe in creating an environment where each of us, being one CCL Family, feels valued, respected and heard.

Diverse people enable us to approach things differently. They enable us to grow and stay unique and deepen our understanding of our patients, customers and communities.

Diversity and inclusion for us means – but is not be limited to – race, ethnicity, gender, thinking styles, religion and belief, sexual orientation, age, differential ability, education, nationality and life experiences.